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 Our gloves are fashioned from Natural USA Deerskin, Elkskin and Bison leather.  A Remarkably strong and durable, yet soft and flexible material. 

 You will notice color variations and natural grain etchings and scratches in the leather.  This means that it's own "Natural Beauty" is preserved in the tanning process.

 You are getting the highest quality Natural USA Deerskin, Elkskin, and Bison leather gloves that money can buy.

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  40gm Thinsulate
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025 T 026 T Lined 051 T 051 BK 052 BK 056 BK 056 S 061-T 061 CA 063-T
063 CA 064-T 064 CA 065-T 065-BK 112 T 114-T 119 WY 451 BK
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