Welcome    North American Trading is a division of North American Fly, Ltd.  The company owner and president, Leland G. Christenson II, founded North American Fly in 1984. In 1988 the business moved to Strum, WI. and became known as Strum Hide and Glove.  The company's primary focus was to collect Whitetail Deer hides from hunters in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  These hides were then sold to various leather tanneries in the United States.

  In 1999, North American Fly Ltd. began sending deer hides directly to tanneries in Mainland China.  The company then started importing several different styles of deerskin gloves for distribution in the United States.  Currently, North American Fly collects and exports over 1 million Deer hides to China annually.  Because North American Fly supplies the tanneries and factories with such a large volume of raw material, very important business relationships have been established.

  In 2002, North American Trading was formed as the driving force behind the importing and mass marketing of the Deerskin and Elkskin gloves that the company sells to distributors and retailers in the United States.  The product selection has been expanded to include styles for work, hunting, dress, casual, motorcycle, and winter sports.  It is North American Trading's goal to provide their customers with the highest quality gloves and customer service available, at the lowest possible price

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